Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not only has Don Cherry proved that he is completely out of touch with the game of hockey and that he is indeed prejudice against europeans, but that their is a battle coming between the old guard of hockey and the new younger generation just entering the league. The former players who played in the league in the past always did things a certain way. The most controversial thing they ever did was to raise their hands after a goal. Now things have changed with a far more flamboyent and exciting type of player for a new generation has been deemed a threat by certain individuals to the very bland fibre of the game. The obvious example is that which Cherry used of Ovechkin, the best player in the game today, jumping into the boards after scoring goals. Cherry seems to believe that this is not only disrespectful of your opponents, but that it just isn't something that good old hockey players, like his boy Bobby Orr, would ever do and that doesn't sit well with him. Frankly I think that Ovechkin is a breath of fresh air into a game that badly needed one. My second example would have to be Craig MacTavish and Rob Shremp. Shremp was drafted as a hot shot kid coming out of London of the OHL with a lot of flair to his game, the reputation of a guy with a bit of an ego and some sick moves with the puck. MacTavish immediately took a dislike to him and I believe that this played a big part of that. What the old guard doesn't understand and is trying to fight against is the fact that change is indeed coming to the game and the way things are done. The new generations coming in just do things a different way and things like Shremp's Lacrosse style shootout moves or more players jumping into the boards like Ovie are going to become the norm. But Don Cherry has shown that while his argument will inevitably fall to the wayside and forgotten, he and his band of brothers will not go down without a very loud, obnoxious, talent killing(in Shremp's case) fight.

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  1. Watch yourself. Cherry has shown himself to be a man who shows no mercy to his enemies. What kinda name is misconduct anyways? It sounds Russian to me.