Sunday, February 8, 2009

Darth Avery returns

But does anyone want Dallas's Sloppy seconds?

For the past two months, the NHL has been a happy place for everyone. Gum drops and rainbows, smiles and sunshine. However it appears that the quite before the storm is about the turn into a possible media hurricane once again as it appears that the NHL’s greatest villain of the last decade will ride again. Sean Avery looks to be on his way back after the Dallas Stars placed him on waivers this past Saturday. He’ll clear waivers on Monday and be sent to an AHL team that’s willing to take him on and it looks like the New York Rangers AHL affiliate the Hartford Wolfpack will be the only one. Also the Rangers are the only NHL team that’s rumoured to be interested in picking him up off of re-entry waivers once he’s re-established himself down there. However on some (including Al Strachan and Pierre LeBrun of Hockey Night In Canada’s Satellite Hotstove) believe that if Avery shows that he has indeed rehabilitated himself into a normal human being instead of the loner with obvious emotional issues then some other NHL teams may snap him up before New York can to try and give their own teams a boost. These teams would include Pittsburgh, Edmonton and Anaheim.

Now according to LeBrun people close to Avery are claiming that he is indeed a changed man and that this whole experience has scared him straight as he does not wish to lose his main mode of income. Whether he actually has or not I can’t claim to have any inside sources on the matter so I won’t take a guess. However if he has then the New York Rangers or any other team have gotten themselves a potential 20 goal 50 point player with a boat load of grit. Sean Avery is a very talented hockey player who has always just let his own personal issues get in the way of his play. This leads us to wonder what would happen if he hasn’t changed but is just putting on an act? Well in LA and Dallas we’ve seen that he can make the atmosphere inside of a dressing room toxic and while claiming that Dallas’s resurgence is solely based on Sean Avery being kicked off the team would be a little bit of a stretch it certainly has been a big part of it. Personally I’m kinda excited to see how this unravels because no matter which way Sean Avery goes, I’m going to get my popcorn ready because it’ll be a show!

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  1. I'm sorry, but a guy with that many problems can't become a normal person after just a few months. I think we'll be seeing the old entertaining Avery before long.